Ajánlott Blackberry programok / Recommended Blackberry apps

by Navi


qsms (write sms shortcut Q)
Buzzme (tone and vibrate simoultanously – before os 5)
LaterDude (call later sby – not working correctly on os 4.6)
Microcalc (simple spreadsheet app)
BBnotepad (simple txt editor)
Rove Mobile File Manager (may needed before os 5)
Weather Eye (simple, well designed icon, 3G)
gWhiz (gCalc, gRef, gFlash+)
Autowifi (turns WIFI on using cell info)
Extralight (torch)
jconverter (unit converter)
MemoryUp (memory cleaner, monitor)
MyCart (list for shopping)
Player for Youtube
Pro Transle Lite Soma (free translator using google – 3G)
Wallpaper Shifter (wallpaper changer – for OS 5)
Startmeup (starts set sw on startup)
Plug It In (battery indicator for OS 5)
BOLT browser + BBLauncher (wifi, 3G)
Opera Mini 5.1 (wifi, 3G)
Nimbuzz (gtalk, skype, msn… – wif, 3G)
Xenozu (youtube player)
Google Sync (syncronise BB and Google Calendar)
Google Mobile Apps (shortcut to Google apps)
eOffice Mobile Data Alerter (FREE data usage counter)
FakeCall2 (simulates incoming call)
GPSed (free tracking with on-line functionality)
VELOX (free GPS tracker for bikers)
Wordpress (blogger client, wifi, 3G)
FACEbook (BIS)
Gtalk (BIS)

0,99-3,99 dollars

App Store (when BB App World is not available) – Superstore by Mobihand (BIS) or Crackberry online (3G, wifi)
Hotkey Manager (trial available)
AddOnIs (useful things)
BerryMail (e-mail filters)
Blink (customize led indicator – cheapest)
imgEdit (image editor)
xContact (instert contact info everywhere)
MultiClipboard (no comment – really nice app)
Wifi File Transfer (no comment)


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